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About The Mastermind Group
The Mastermind Group is a network of master consultants with expertise and proven results in all areas of business. Collectively, this group of consultants has served clients representing virtually every business size, industry, and US geographic region. The Mastermind Group was founded by Bert Holeton, who is based in the Seattle area.
Let The Mastermind Group   help you achieve your goals.
Meet the Founder

For more than 30 years, Bert Holeton has created positive results for dozens of businesses throughout North America. In 1970, Mr. Holeton transferred his leadership skills as an officer and a decorated combat veteran to the business world. He spent the next 10 years in the transportation industry learning the key aspects of the inter-modal network. As Northwest Regional Sales Manager for Airborne Express, he gained a regional marketing perspective.

In 1980, Mr. Holeton joined the Gage Company, a general management consulting company. Over the next eight years he worked with dozens of companies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii and California.

In 1988, Mr. Holeton opened his own Aerospace Company, Western Honeycomb. Applying the lessons and experiences of his consulting years, he was able to create a World Class manufacturing operation. Over the next seven years, he explored and implemented leading edge business strategies. Western Honeycomb became the top quality vendor for nearly 100% of its customers. For over three years, Western Honeycomb led all Boeing vendors in quality, with the highest scores on the prestigious D1-9000 survey.

Mr. Holeton has consulted in 14 industries and with companies ranging from start up to fortune 100. During this time he noticed certain philosophies, principles, processes, and people issues that were critical in all organizations regardless of size, location, industry or purpose.

The Mastermind Group Learning Center is the current accumulation of the last 14 years of experience. Just as he advises his clients, Mr. Holeton will keep the Learning Center in “constant improvement” so the most optimal approaches, training, methods, processes, and tools will be available to subscribers.

Mr. Holeton has focused on the systems and structure business leaders can use to focus their genius for optimal results. For other key areas of business, a partner network is available so client subscribers will have access to world-class talent to help their organizations.

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