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NEW: Weekly Time by Process Area Worksheet
Have you ever documented how you spend your time each week? What are the key process areas for which you are responsible? Are you spending your time on activities that are helping to accomplish the corporate goals? What can you learn about staffing by being clear about where you spend your time? Match the results to the "Four Quadrants of Work."  [Subscribers: Download available on the Business Tools page of the Learning Center]

NEW: The Four Quadrants of Work
How do you spend your time? Do you feel like you are always putting out fires? Does it seem like you never have time to focus on planning and strategy? Are you neglecting your corporate goals - and therefore not reaching them? This new resource for MMG Learning Center subscribers will help you get a fresh perspective on how you are spending your time - and on how you SHOULD be spending your time. [Subscribers: Download available on the Business Tools page of the Learning Center]

NEW: Evaluating & Documenting Your Processes
Processes. Your organization lives and breathes them. Your people execute them daily, weekly, monthly. But are they optimal? Are they documented? Are they understood? Are they executed consistently? The Mastermind Group helps clients review, optimize, and document their processes to support their corporate goals, using tools that include flow diagrams, documented procedures, and work instructions. As a starting point for process clarity, MMG Learning Center subscribers can now download sample flow diagrams that represent two views of a standard receiving process. [Subscribers: Download available on the Business Tools page of the Learning Center]

Learn Center Releases New Course: Create Win-Win Outcomes
We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” The key issue with this saying is the word “lose.” Why should we shift our focus from the three conventions – win/lose, right/wrong/ and good/bad – to OPTIMAL? In this course, subscribers will learn how teams and organizations can refocus on OPTIMAL to inspire the performance of all their people, and how the idea of creating win/win outcomes equates to net profit.

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Good Times & Bad Times
What changes in running a company in good times - as marked by plenty of desired business, more employees, higher inventories, and corporate goals being mostly met - vs. bad times - typically marked by corporate goals not being met, potential cash flow issues, and the reactive need to downsize?
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