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Achieve and sustain success for your organization with the Mastermind Group Learning Center: interactive training, personalized surveys and analysis, proven processes and methodologies, and a suite of business tools.

The Mastermind Group Learning Center will empower you and your organization to make optimal decisions by providing a framework for you to:
  • DISCOVER the talents and liabilites of your people
  • ACHIEVE your corporate goals
  • EQUIP your people to manage cause and effect
  • LEVERAGE the uniqueness of the people in your organization
  • RESOLVE critical issues
  • Work ON your company, not just IN your company 

Within the Learning Center, your organization's executives and managers will work independently through a series of interactive trainings. The core curriculum is presented as a case study about a fictitious manufacturing company. Subscribers will work virtually with a consulting team brought in to help this company develop a strategic plan and resolve a critical issue and work toward achieving their corporate goals.

The Mastermind Group Learning Center offers subscribers:

  • Mastery of key axioms and principles of business that apply to any organization, of any size, in any industry
  • Personalized one-on-one analysis of surveys to evaluate core values, decision-making abilities, behaviors, and more
  • A proven approach to getting the right people aligned to the right job - including the business owner
  • In-depth introspective analysis of their own organization
  • Valuable forms, document templates, and other tools that are ready to use or customize
  • Access to a network of world-class consultants with expertise in all areas of business
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