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Learning Center subscribers work through a case study to help Kelly Awning analyze the life purpose of the executive team members, develop a strategic business plan, resolve a critical issue, and work toward achieving the corporate goals. Along the way, you will learn how to apply the Problem Resolution Process and master a series of Key Business Principles that can be applied to your organization every day.

Help Kelly Awning Achieve & Sustain Success

Kelly Awning needs your help. They have invited a consultant to come in an work with their executive team - and you are invited to follow along. Learn about the consultant's approaches and see how they work to help Kelly Awning meet its goals.

Right People, Right Fit

Problem Resolution Process

Key Business Principles
Having the Right People with the Right Fit is critical to your organization's success - and that includes you. You will work with an advisor to understand your life purpose, core values, quality of thinking, and behavior profile - and how they impact your ability to contribute to your organization's success.
The Problem Resolution Process is the path that keeps your people focused on achieving organizational goals. This continuous process will empower executives and managers to make optimal decisions. Learn how to apply the six phases of the process to resolve real-life critical issues.
Key Business Principles are essential concepts that are called for in every organization, every day. When we don't fully apply these principles, the result is underperformance and a less-than-optimal outcome. Learn how to apply our Key Business Principles to help your organization achieve & sustain success.

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